No7 Skincare Review

With Christmas fast approaching (which I am already overly excited for!), I thought now was a good time to post a review on these skincare items, which I actually got in my No7 advent calendar last year. I’m not going to review the whole calendar, but I will say that it was excellent value for money, and I would definitely purchase it again in the future. A lot of the products were full size, and there was a good mix of makeup (including some brushes), skincare and body care. I woke up excited to open a new door every morning, and it helped me to mix up my skincare and makeup routine as I was trying new products every single day.

no7 lying down

no7 diagonal

The trio of products I’m going to focus on today is the Perfect and Protect Intense Advanced Day Cream and Night Cream, and the Beautiful Skin Eye Makeup Remover. All of these are miniatures, but they all contain a really good amount of product; I’ve taken them with me on every night away for the last year, and there’s still plenty left in them.

I’ll go in the logical order and start with the day cream, which also happens to be my favourite product of the lot. The texture is quite thick, but I found that it smoothed over my skin really nicely and gave me a really smooth base for applying my makeup. The formula itself doesn’t feel particularly moisturising as you apply it, but I find that my skin still feels super soft at the end of the day, so I guess it must be doing something! It also contains SPF which is great for me because I can never be bothered to have an extra step in my skincare routine to apply SPF, but I do like to have my skin protected.

The eye makeup remover wasn’t as much of a success. It’s one of the dual layer ones where you have to shake it together first, and these are the only type of eye makeup removers that work for me, so I had high hopes. It does do the job, and I can get fairly heavy makeup off with it (and very heavy makeup with a bit more of a struggle), but I just found that it didn’t do it as quickly, or as well as other eye makeup removers that I use (for reference, the Garnier one is my favourite). I continue to take it away with me because its a convenient little bottle, but I won’t be buying the full size version when it runs out.

The night cream is pretty similar to the day cream, just with no SPF and an even thicker formula. It does feel quite heavy on the skin when you apply it, but I have never had any problems with it causing breakouts or anything like that. I apply quite a generous layer and always wake up with lovely soft skin in the morning. I’ll definitely be looking into the full size version of this when my current night cream runs out, since I find it hard to find a really intense moisturiser for the night time that doesn’t overload my skin with oil.

no7 with mug

All in all, I really enjoyed the day and night creams, and have already been having a little browse to see what other formulas No7 do that I can try. The makeup remover was a bit more of a let down, but I have tried a lot of different ones, so I do have quite high expectations. No7 is kind of like a bridge between drugstore and highend products, and although it’s an own brand, the quality of its products are generally really good (I’ve tried rather a lot!). If you are wanting to try any of their products, there are often £3 off makeup or £5 off skincare vouchers floating around – I rarely pay full price for anything. This makes it such good value; I’ve used the No7 beautiful skin toner religiously for years, and it retails at £8, but with the vouchers I normally get it for £3!

no7 half up half down

Thank you for reading, and I hope you found this review useful! Let me know what your favourite products from No7 are in the comments!

Until next time,

Em x


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