Testing Out FFS Shaving

A few weeks ago I decided to order myself a new razor from FFS, using a voucher from the Hold app. This handy little app gives you points for every 20 minutes that you don’t go on your phone, and the points can be redeemed against various rewards, such as gift vouchers, discount codes, and in this case a razor. For just 30 points (1 hour off my phone), I could get a new razor, with free engraving and a travel case (bargain!).

Razor 3

Friction Free Shaving, or FFS for short, is a subscription service, where for £9 a month, you get 4 new blades (1 per week). Considering each blade of my old razor cost about £5, I thought this was a pretty good deal. Upon delving further into the website, I also found that if you don’t need any more blades one month, you can swap your delivery to contain just one blade, and then an additional product, such as a shaving balm or moisturiser. You can also pause and delay the deliveries to have them match your needs. I was pleasantly surprised by the flexibility of the service, meaning that you’re never paying for more than you need.

Razor 1

In terms of the razor itself, I’ve been really impressed by the quality. It’s quite weighty, and feels far more expensive that it is. The blade was also really good, and reminded me more of a men’s razor, which are known for giving a much closer shave than those specifically targeted at women. Much to my surprise, I didn’t suffer from any friction-burn, something my skin is notoriously bad for. It seems the product really does live up to it’s name!

Razor 4

If anyone is interested in giving the razor a go, I have a discount code D3AC4Q, which will give you free engraving, or alternatively you can download the Hold app like I did!

Em x


No7 Skincare Review

With Christmas fast approaching (which I am already overly excited for!), I thought now was a good time to post a review on these skincare items, which I actually got in my No7 advent calendar last year. I’m not going to review the whole calendar, but I will say that it was excellent value for money, and I would definitely purchase it again in the future. A lot of the products were full size, and there was a good mix of makeup (including some brushes), skincare and body care. I woke up excited to open a new door every morning, and it helped me to mix up my skincare and makeup routine as I was trying new products every single day.

no7 lying down

no7 diagonal

The trio of products I’m going to focus on today is the Perfect and Protect Intense Advanced Day Cream and Night Cream, and the Beautiful Skin Eye Makeup Remover. All of these are miniatures, but they all contain a really good amount of product; I’ve taken them with me on every night away for the last year, and there’s still plenty left in them.

I’ll go in the logical order and start with the day cream, which also happens to be my favourite product of the lot. The texture is quite thick, but I found that it smoothed over my skin really nicely and gave me a really smooth base for applying my makeup. The formula itself doesn’t feel particularly moisturising as you apply it, but I find that my skin still feels super soft at the end of the day, so I guess it must be doing something! It also contains SPF which is great for me because I can never be bothered to have an extra step in my skincare routine to apply SPF, but I do like to have my skin protected.

The eye makeup remover wasn’t as much of a success. It’s one of the dual layer ones where you have to shake it together first, and these are the only type of eye makeup removers that work for me, so I had high hopes. It does do the job, and I can get fairly heavy makeup off with it (and very heavy makeup with a bit more of a struggle), but I just found that it didn’t do it as quickly, or as well as other eye makeup removers that I use (for reference, the Garnier one is my favourite). I continue to take it away with me because its a convenient little bottle, but I won’t be buying the full size version when it runs out.

The night cream is pretty similar to the day cream, just with no SPF and an even thicker formula. It does feel quite heavy on the skin when you apply it, but I have never had any problems with it causing breakouts or anything like that. I apply quite a generous layer and always wake up with lovely soft skin in the morning. I’ll definitely be looking into the full size version of this when my current night cream runs out, since I find it hard to find a really intense moisturiser for the night time that doesn’t overload my skin with oil.

no7 with mug

All in all, I really enjoyed the day and night creams, and have already been having a little browse to see what other formulas No7 do that I can try. The makeup remover was a bit more of a let down, but I have tried a lot of different ones, so I do have quite high expectations. No7 is kind of like a bridge between drugstore and highend products, and although it’s an own brand, the quality of its products are generally really good (I’ve tried rather a lot!). If you are wanting to try any of their products, there are often £3 off makeup or £5 off skincare vouchers floating around – I rarely pay full price for anything. This makes it such good value; I’ve used the No7 beautiful skin toner religiously for years, and it retails at £8, but with the vouchers I normally get it for £3!

no7 half up half down

Thank you for reading, and I hope you found this review useful! Let me know what your favourite products from No7 are in the comments!

Until next time,

Em x

L’Oreal La Palette Nude Review

Hello everyone! Today’s post is a review of one of L’Oreal’s eye-shadow palettes. I believe these were launched about a year ago, so are relatively new, and having had mine since Christmas I feel like I’ve now used it enough to give my full opinion on it. Mine is the rose palette which is pink toned, but they also do a beige palette which contains more natural brown tones.

Palette Shut

First off, a quick note on the packaging of the product, which I have found to be really good! Although it’s plastic, the shiny black casing makes it feel fairly expensive, and it’s easy to wipe clean so has stayed in good condition. The pans seem to be fixed into place well too; I’ve travelled with this product a lot and none of them have dislodged or smashed.

Palette Open 2

Now onto the shadows themselves which I have mixed opinions about. Generally, the pigmentation is just not there and the swatches below required several layers to build up the colour. That being said, I find this makes the palette perfect for daytime looks, since it prevents me overloading on eye-shadow. We have all been there when it comes to telling yourself that you’ll just apply a little makeup to freshen up, and then an hour later you’re sitting there with a full face, lashes and all!

Palette Swatches

Because of the lack of pigmentation, I do find I get quite a bit of fallout when trying to build up the colour, simply because of the amount of product I end up having to apply. However, as long as I do my concealer after my eye makeup, this doesn’t really bother me.

Texture wise, like most palettes, the matte colours are a bit more chalky but not excessively so. I wouldn’t really describe any of the shades as creamy, but they do feel smooth. Basically they blend well and apply easily, but you can’t pick up a lot of product on the brush. I think this is part of the pigmentation problem, and is caused by the shadow being packed down so hard into the pan.

Despite this, one part of the palette I absolutely LOVE is the highlight colour. This shadow is SO much more pigmented than the others, and the shimmery white makes the perfect inner corner highlight. Since it’s also very neutral toned, I find I can use it to brighten up any look, regardless of whether it’s warm or cool toned.

Palette with Brushes

Overall, although I would lean towards saying I’m not a big fan of this palette, I do find myself reaching for it most days when I just want a simple look, so I guess I must like it more than I thought! However, my favourite is definitely the highlight shade, and if I ever had to repurchase, I would make sure to see if I could purchase the highlight colour as a single shadow rather than buying the whole palette again.

Palette with Brushes 2

I just wanted to quickly end this post by apologising for the lack of content over the last couple of months – my last term at uni was crazy hectic and then I struggled to get back into the flow of things over the summer, but I’m back now and have a couple more posts lined up too!

Until next time,

Em x

My Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is coming up towards the end of August, so I thought a fun little post would be to show you what’s on my birthday wishlist. Obviously I don’t expect to receive all of this, but the majority of any money I’m given will be spent on these items as it’s what I’m currently lusting over.


  • Spare Badminton Racket (I’m prone to breaking strings on multiple rackets all in one day)
  • Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar (my all time favourite lush product)
  • Lush Butterball Bath Bomb (my second favourite lush product)
  • The Body Shop Lightening Drops (a pale girls essential)
  • Soap and Glory Scrub of Your Life (best body scrub everrr)
  • Ted Baker Sina Earrings (the pearl and crystal ones are so so pretty)
  • Kindle Voyage and Cover
  • Urban Decay Tease Eyeshadow (my eyebrow colour of choice)
  • Sensationail Gel Nail Starter Kit in Raspberry
  • No7 Illuminating Mirror (a makeup essential for uni)
  • Blend Active Smoothie Maker (this is funny because you’ll all think I’m being healthy but I actually want it for making frozen cocktails hahah)
  • Cycling Gloves (I use these for when I’m on the rower at the gym to prevent blisters)
  • Zoeva Face Paint Brush (I’m really excited to try contouring with this)
  • Zoeva Luxe Highlight Brush (I currently apply highlight with my fingers so this really is needed because it’s a habit I’m not proud of)
  • Zoeva Cheek Finish (I need a brush specifically for blush because I’m tired of my powder brush turning pink)
  • Zoeva Small Brush Pouch (none of my makeup bags are long enough to fit my brushes in so this will be super useful for travel)
  • Babyliss Rose Quartz Hairdryer (since I’ll be going to uni in September I really need my own since I currently use my mums)
  • Babyliss Rose Quartz Straighteners (I’ve only ever had one pair so I think it’s time for a new set, and the matching ones to the hairdryer are too pretty to resist)
  • Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Puddles (they’re my favourite chocolates ever so why not)

Wow that looks like a lot all written down, but I promise I’m not expecting to receive much of it! I’ll keep you updated after my birthday with what I got, and what I’ll be purchasing as a present to myself.

Em x

A Naughty Urban Decay Purchase

For a very long time, the Urban Decay setting sprays have been a cult favourite for bloggers. I put off buying one for so long, living in hope that drugstore brands would start bringing out their own versions, which would be just as good, and significantly cheaper. However, many have been released and still not received the best reviews, so when payday arrived, I decided to finally make the splurge.

7) Setting Spray

So far I am impressed, and my makeup has lasted through very sweaty conditions. I wouldn’t say it’s lasted any longer throughout the day, but it has definitely survived some intense gym sessions in very good condition.

I actually bought one of my friends a bottle for their birthday, after only a week of owning mine, so that shows how quickly I fell in love with it. Definitely a new holy grail!

Until next time,

Em x

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NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review

I think it’s safe to say that NYX has taken the UK by storm since its arrival in Boots stores a few months ago. One of the most popular products has definitely been the Soft Matte Lip Creams, and after using them for a good couple of months, I thought I wold share my opinion with you today.

6) Products

I bought the colours 05 Antwerp and 06 Istanbul. These were £5.50 each, which I think is a good price for a drugstore lip product. The only downside is that Boots aren’t including NYX in any of their 3 for 2 offers while the brand remains so new and popular.

6) Swatches

As you can see, Istanbul is a pretty pink colour, which looks natural on the lips, but still makes them look more pinky and just generally better. Antwerp is a much darker, brighter pink, but is still so wearable on a daily basis if you’re brave enough to wear a brighter colour. Both of these shades are perfect for the summer months. It’s worth taking note however, that the colours of the tubes don’t match the colours of the lip products very well. From Antwerp’s tube, you would think it’s an orangey colour, but there’s no hints of orange in the product.

6) Instanbul

This is Istanbul on the lips, and as you can see, it’s the perfect colour for day wear. For the last month or so, it has been my go to colour when I don’t have time to spend choosing another shade.

6) Antwerp

This is Antwerp, which I think is just so summery. In my opinion, I think it would look particularly good on people with blonde hair, but of course anyone can give it a go!

As for the formula, these smell incredible, and apply beautifully! Since they are a liquid, you will always need a mirror, but the doe foot applicator makes it really hard to go wrong. I found that both of these had the same wear time of 4-5 hours before needing a top up, including having drinks during this time. For brighter colours, this is about average, but for nude colours such as Istanbul, I thought this was really good!

Overall, I think these lipsticks are amazing for a drugstore product, and I can’t wait to pick up more shades.

Em x

The 5 Product Face

Today I’m going to be sharing with you the products that I use to create a super simple makeup look. This is what I wear on days where I’m going to the gym, heading to a training session, or popping to the shops, and I’m not feeling confident enough to brave a bare face. It’s a super quick and easy look, and just makes me feel that little bit happier about how my appearance.

4) Products

4) Products Close Up

I start off with concealer; the one featured is the L’oreal True Match concealer, but just use your concealer of choice. I use this to cover up blemishes, dark circles and anything else that needs covering, as I won’t be using a foundation for this look. I apply this quite liberally, so that the excess can just be blended out, perfecting a bit more of my skin.

Next, I set my concealer with powder. Since concealer is the only product that I’m using on my face, I really don’t want it wearing off, so powder is an essential. I also use this to blot down any oily patches.

After this, I fill in my eyebrows. For this I use the shade Tease from my Naked 2 Palette. This works perfectly with my brows as they are quite a pale colour, and I don’t want anything too over the top for a minimal makeup look.

For me, liquid liner is an essential. It open up my eyes and makes me look much more awake, so I apply a small amount of this to my upper lashline. If you’re not a liner kinda girl then feel free to skip this step.

The last product is mascara, which is the finishing touch to any look; I simply can’t go without it. I chose to apply quite a lot to my bottom lashes today, in order to balance out the liner on my top lashline.

And here’s the finished look!

4) Finished Look Smile

The only thing that it’s really lacking is a lip colour, so feel free to add in a slick of tinted lip balm to keep things looking nice and natural.

Technically, since my eyebrow colour comes from a palette, you could do an eyeshadow look and claim that it’s still only 5 products, but I think that’s cheating a little!

If you wear a similar look on low maintenance days then let me know in the comments below.

Em x