Skinny Dip Phone Case Review

Skinny Dip have become an increasingly popular brand for phone cases over the last year or so, with their fun styles attracting us girls in search of a pretty phone case. I’ve had this macaroon case for 6 months now, and thought I would do a little review, as I have a few opinions to share.

2) Pretty Background 2

2) Pretty Background 1

The cases range from about £10-20, and this particular one was £12. However, they offer student discount, and there are often other voucher codes floating around the internet. One thing I love about the brand is that they are continually updating their website with new designs, so you never end up having the same case as anyone else. The designs are really cute, and there is honestly something to suit everyone. It was so hard to pick just one! In the end I chose this one because of the cute pastel colours, and the glitter in the background makes it just that little bit prettier and even more girly.

I’m very impressed with the fit of the case. It fits tightly, which I see as a good thing, because otherwise I just fiddle with it and flick it off all the time. It’s a hard shell case which is also good because it offers better protection for my phone. The only design flaw I can see, is that the case doesn’t wrap all the way round to the front, so if your phone falls face down, there is nothing to protect the screen.

2) Windowsill Background

Now onto the downside. I have tried many of those cheap £1 Amazon/eBay cases before, and the image has faded and scratched within a few months, to the point at which I have to buy a new one. I thought this time I would invest in a more expensive case, naively assuming that the design would last for longer. However, 6 months in and I already feel it needs replacing. The colours have faded A LOT from when I first got it. The design is also looking fairly scratched, and considering how carefully I have treated my  phone since I upgraded to the 6S, I expected much better.

All that being said, I will most likely buy another Skinny Dip case, just because I love their designs so much. I will try and get a couple more months out of this one first, but just the thought of picking another cute design fills me with excitement – I’ve well and truly been sucked into the craze!

Do you have a Skinny Dip phone case? Let me know in the comments.

Em x


Paris Blogs: A Fashion Lookbook

So for the last of my Paris blogs I’m going to be talking you through all of my outfits from the trip. I tried to pack super light, so a lot of the outfits feature the same pieces, but by styling them differently, you can get plenty of different looks.

3) Shirt

On the first day I went for a slightly less summery outfit, because when we left England it was rather chilly. I wore a loose fitting, black and white striped shirt from Primark, tucked into some black shorts from New Look. I styled this with a dainty necklace, my rose gold Fossil watch, and some homemade bracelets. I was keen to see how far I walked during the trip so I also wore my red fitband, which I got free by collecting Special K vouchers.

3) Shirt n Background

Throughout the holiday I wore my River Island sunglasses which are my absolute favourite pair. They just seem to go with absolutely everything!

3) White Top

Later in the day it started to get very warm and sunny. I had worn this floaty cropped white cami underneath my shirt, just in case I wanted to wear the it open, but it got so hot that I ended up taking the shirt off completely. This top actually has an open back, so I felt much more comfortable and a lot cooler wearing this outfit in the warmer weather.

3) Red

3) Red n Background

On the second day I went for a more stripped out outfit, as I wanted to be prepared for the heat. I wore this cropped, slightly high necked top which was from Miss Selfridge last year. I paired it with a red button up skirt, and I think the two pieces work really well together. For footwear, I went for white converse. Style wise, I would have preferred to wear sandals, but my converse are just so much comfier for walking round all day, and still worked well with what I wore.

3) Evening

On both evenings I wore the same outfit in order to limit the amount of clothing I had to bring with me. I wore a grey crop top from River Island, and these baggy trousers from H&M. This worked well because it got a lot cooler in the evenings so I wanted to be a bit more covered up. Again, my converse weren’t the ideal choice of footwear. but we wanted to walk around in the evenings so I needed something comfy.

3) Grey Top

3) Grey Top Look Down

On the final day, I wore the same grey crop top, and my black shorts from the first day. I felt so so comfortable in this outfit, and the shorts have really deep pockets which makes them super practical. I wore the same jewellery as I wore on the other days of the holiday. I also carried my trousers around in my bag, and changed into them at the train station, so that I didn’t freeze when I got back to chilly England.

3) Grey Top Rucksack

I wore this rucksack for all three days, as I wanted to have my hands free for taking photos. I bought it on holiday a couple of years ago for €1o and it’s lasted really well. The monochrome print and brown straps means that it’s easy to pair with most outfits.

And that concludes the last of my Paris blogs! I hope you enjoyed this little series. As you’re reading this, I will have actually just got back from a  girls holiday to Disneyland, so I may do another mini series like this one.

Until next time,

Em x

All photos in this post by Richard Waldron


instagram: @rich_waldron

Another Shopping Spree

Oops I did it again. Another day, another haul. Admittedly though, this is much more clothing based than my last haul, so hopefully that makes it more justifiable. For reference, I went shopping in Guildford this time, so all these items are definitely available in stores there.

3) Striped Shirt

The first place I headed to was Primark because I hate buying clothes, then going to Primark last and finding the same thing but cheaper. I picked up a new pack of black tights as I’ve laddered all of mine, and this black and white striped shirt which was £10. It’s a lovely soft material, and is structured enough that it’s easy to dress up, but can be worn casually without it looking too much like work wear. It doesn’t look particularly exciting on the hanger, but trust me it’s an amazing piece to style.

3) Grey Top.JPG

The next place I went to was River Island, where I got this grey crop top for £6. It’s a really useful basic piece that goes really well with everything. It was in a 2 for £10 deal, so I was going to pick up a white one as well, but for some reason the white version came up much shorter and it just didn’t look great.

3) Black Shorts.JPG

Next, I went to New Look and bought these black shorts for £14.99. These were quite hard to photograph but if you tilt your screen you should be able to see all the detailing. I thought these would be really good for dressing up with a nice blouse, but the flowy material makes them so so comfortable and I’m very excited to wear these.

3) Skirt

After that I headed to H&M. I don’t normally shop in H&M because I can never find anything I like, even though my friends always manage to find loads of amazing things in there. However, this time I was a lot more successful. The first thing I got was this skirt for £14.99. I have a skater skirt in a similar colour which I wear all the time, but I thought it was about time I updated it to a slightly more grown up version. and I like this one a lot. I bought a size up from my usual size because then it sits lower on my waist, and as I’m very tall, this makes the skirt appear a little bit longer.

3) Bikini

Next I picked up this bikini, with a lovely lacy trim, which was a bargain at only £3.99 for each piece. It’s a basic triangle string style, and I’m slightly scared about lying by the pool in this considering normally I go for much more concealing styles, but I’m hoping that this year I can finally brave it.

3) Trousers

The last item I bought from H&M was these trousers for £12.99, and these are super super comfy. They are cuffed at the ankles with makes them look more stylish and the print is quite simple meaning they are easier to pair with a greater variety of tops. They go really nicely with the grey crop top featured above.

3) Taupe Blusher.JPG

The final item I picked up was the NYX Taupe Blusher. This was £5.50, and I bought it with the points I earned during my big boots haul last week (link here). I’m excited to try this out as it’s meant to be a really nice cool toned contour shade.

And that’s everything! It is somewhat justifiable by the fact that I bought a lot of these clothes for my recent trip to Paris, which is what a lot of my next few posts will be about.

Until next time,

Em x